Flavourful culurgiones


Flavourful culurgiones

The tradition, quality and goodness of the flavours of Ogliastra
IGP, a trademark that is a guarantee of excellence

From Lotzorai to Villagrande Strisaili, Osini, Ulassai and Jerzu in search of the timeless delicacies served in Ogliastra

Journey length: 63 km 

Road travel time: 1 h 16 min

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The region lies between the sea and the mountains, in a territory dotted with archaeological sites, domus de Janas chamber tombs and the remains of the Castle of Medusa, the ideal starting point for nature walks, and the wholesome cuisine of an area just waiting to be explored. Make sure you sample the typical culurgiones, stuffed with a mix of potatoes, cheese and mint.
Veduta di Lotzorai
A medieval town on the eastern coast of central Sardinia, a kilometre from the beautiful sea of Ogliastro and five from the port of Tortolì-Arbatax

Villagrande Strisaili

From the 700 m high Mt. Suana you look out over the Gulf of Arbatax. Villagrande is Ogliastra’s most deeply traditional town, home to a characteristic farm cuisine of roast meats, cheese, cured meats, bread and sweets. Among the pasta dishes made here are culurgiones, stuffed with a preparation of potatoes, sheep suet, aged pecorino cheese, eggs, garlic and basil and then served in a tomato sauce. Tradition calls for them to be eaten during mid-August (Assumption of Mary) and late October (All Saints) religious festivities.
Scorcio del paese
A town in the Upper Ogliastra on the border with the Barbagie, in central eastern Sardinia, is home to a treasure trove of nature and archaeology...


All around are high calcareous peaks known as the Tacchi d’Ogliastra. The region is rich in natural and archaeological attractions. Osini was rebuilt higher up on the mountainside in 1951after a terrible flood devastated ‘Old Osini’, now a ghost town. Local cuisine is characterized by simple wholesome fare like roast meat, homemade bread and good wine with which to enjoy the culurgiones.
Osini - Ogliastra
An enchanting village in the centre of Ogliastra, in the central part of eastern Sardinia, blessed with the pristine landscape of the Tacchi rock...


Surrounded by mountains, Ulassai sits nestled in calcareous rock. The natural setting around it is unique and spectacular: stands of oak trees, mysterious and alluring caves, like the su Marmuri caves, and a variety of streams that run over the foothills creating lovely waterfalls, like those at Lequarci and Lecorci. You can enjoy delicious culurgiones, made here using mint in the place of basil.
Tessitura al telaio - Ulassai
A museum-village in the centre of the province of Ogliastra, in the central-eastern part of Sardinia, with traditions, culture, delicacies and a...


It’s a city of wine, one of Ogliastra’s most famous, celebrated for the fine cannonau it produces. It is also renowned for its food, above all its sweets, meat and culurgiones. The beautiful landscape makes it ideal for hiking, while the many archaeological sites and its medieval history add a fascinating touch of culture to your visit.
Jerzu - Paese
The town of rocky outcrops and fabulous views, of cannonau wine and other delicacies, of ancestral traditions and folklore, the genuine soul of...


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