From Supramonte to the sea

Trekking in ogliastra

From Supramonte to the sea

Unparalleled scenery in the Mediterranean scrub, unique emotions for water sports enthusiasts and for anyone wishing to be gently rocked by the waves
a dreamy itinerary through the coves most popular with tourists from all over the world

Tropical landscapes only seen in films, fairy-tale scenery, out of reach and typical of postcards or photographs: in reality they do exist and they are also incredibly near - you can find them in Sardinia, the most extraordinary island in the Mediterranean. Its nature is unspoilt and wild - a combination of the strength and splendour of the sea and the energy of the rugged mountain scenery. If you want to experience them up close, there is the Supramonte mountain range in the Ogliastra area, a dreamlike itinerary, overlooking the sea with cliffs, coves and beaches that visitors have elected the most beautiful in the world. It means diving into the waters of wonderful coves and experiencing mysticism and contemplation.

Cala Biriola - Ogliastra
once you have reached your destination your hard work will be rewarded

The coves of Ogliastra are impossible to reach via land, an aspect that makes their charm even more irresistible. It is possible to reach them directly from the sea, by boat or dinghy, or on foot via the numerous, more or less arduous and completely safe trekking trails. However, once you have reached your destination, your hard work will be rewarded by the beauty before your eyes, as it is transformed into ecstasy and energy.

Goloritze - Ogliastra
Biriola, Mariolu, Goloritzè… the choice is yours

Cala Biriola, which is accessible on foot, departing from the Golgo di Baunei and crossing the wood of the same name, stands out for the juniper trees that grow on the bare rock and an arch sculpted by the wind and water that appears to be embracing the inviting little beach: the water is incredibly clear and full of fish. Cala Mariolu, from the word 'mariuolu' (meaning thief) a name given to the Mediterranean monk seal by the fishermen of Ponza because they would steal fish from the nets, features fine sand mixed with round, pink pebbles and is surrounded by caves, the most famous of which is the Grotta del Fico.

Cala Mariolu - Ogliastra
a heavenly coastline very popular among trekkers and climbers

Nature has shaped the rocks of Cala Goloritzè, very famous among travellers from all over the world, for its arch that emerges from the bright blue water and, especially for climbers from all over Europe, for its pinnacle above the cove. The coves are all surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and woods, perfect for relaxing and for quick picnics, popular among trekking enthusiasts thanks to the trails through the wild cliffs and also among climbing enthusiasts as they allow them to reach canyons, crevices and small caves hidden between the ridges of the cliffs.