The beach of Valledoria is found in the little town with the same name. We are near Valledoria, a village situated near the centre of the northern coast of Sardinia , not far from Castelsardo. The area offers a number of attractions. First of all the expanse of water of the Coghinas lagoon which has an interesting number of waterfowl typical of wetland areas and which lies in the area behind the sea into which the river with the same name flows, and. The beach of Valledoria is not a proper beach but a lake area along the banks of the Coghinas, the third longest river in Sardinia. In the nearby centre of Santa Maria di Coghinas, you can admire the Casteldoria hot springs, warm water springs that flow from the gorge with the same name. Not far away rises the inhabited centre of Viddalba, an interesting village that houses an Archaeological Museum where a number of stelae from a Roman necropolis are on display. The Tower of the Doria Castle dating back to the XII century is also worth visiting. It rises at the beginning of the road that leads to Perfugas and offers a sweeping view of a stupendous panorama.. Valledoria is not really a beach but a lake area near to the river of the Coghinas. It offers a suggestive spectacle for the metaphysical sand dunes covered with a verdant vegetation that is surrounded by an expanse of deep blue water.