The silhouette is unmistakable, yet the more you look at it, the more amazing it becomes, making you feel like you have, for some reason, ended up in the savannah. An elephant stands by the side of the road and it also has a precious piece of archaeological evidence in its belly. You will encounter it four kilometres from the town of Castelsardo, along state road SS 134 in the Sedini direction. It is a rust-coloured trachyte rock that became detached from the massif of Monte Castellazzu in antiquity and rolled downhill. Here, atmospheric agents shaped it into its present form, making it look like a pachyderm in a sitting position. 

The original name of the rock is sa pedra pertunta, or ‘the pierced stone’. It is about four metres high and you will be even more surprised when, standing in front of it, you learn the reason for its original name.