It is located on the western slopes of the Gennargentu massif, at an altitude of 600 metres, near the geographical centre of the Island, surrounded by an evocative landscape with mountains over a thousand metres high. Tiana, a village with 500 inhabitants in the Barbagia di Ollolai region, is the village of orbace, a fabric obtained from spinning wool, famous since 206 BC and commonly used until the 20th century, while today it is used to make traditional winter clothes. The environment in Tiana is uncontaminated and its centuries of traditions, simple lifestyle, authentic agri-food products and sense of community contribute to a healthy and serene life: numerous long-living elderly people were born here: Antonio Todde, who was 112 years old in 2001, had been listed in the Guinness book of records as the oldest man in the world. Narrow streets, houses huddled together and corzos, passages covered by arches, the work of the maistos de muru, characterize the historical centre of the village, near which there is the eighteenth-century parish church of Sant'Elena Imperatore, celebrated in mid-August.

The village is set in the Tino valley, at the point in which it is crossed by the Rio Torrei. The two watercourses form an upside-down T flowing into the Taloro lake.