An ancient village perched at an altitude of almost 900m on the western slope of Gennargentu. At Desulo you can enjoy the beauty of nature and a wide array of centuries-old traditions. The woods that circle town provide gorgeous scenery, colours that change with the seasons and a variety of fine hiking trails. Houses built with local shale, graced with doors and windows painted blue, line the narrow streets of the centre and offer timeless views. The town is made up of three neighbourhoods: Issiria, Ovolaccio and Asuai, home to some 2,400 residents. Here you will see the elegant traditional dress, embroidered precious fabrics like velvet, damask and scarlatto (a red woollen felt). The colours of this town are bright. Tradition dictates the red, blue and yellow that represent the three regions of the Barbagia (Ollollai, Belvì and Seulo).