Although modern agricultural techniques are used, it has maintained the features of a traditional rural community. Serdiana is a village in the Parteolla region, with less than three thousand inhabitants and famous for olive-growing and grape-growing of the highest quality. It produces fine wines famous all over the world: Cannonau, Monica, Nuragus, Vermentino, Malvasia and Moscato. You can taste them, along with local delicacies, on the occasion of the Cantine Aperte-Wine Day at the end of May. As well as agriculture, it also has breeding activities, with the production of Pecorino cheese and Ricotta cheese. The cuisine here is based on the agricultural and pastoral world: malloreddus, fregula, roast meats and pastries made of almonds, honey and sapa. As well as the crops grown here, there are holm oaks and Mediterranean scrub along paths in the green equipped area of S'Isca manna. You can do some birdwatching at Su Stani saliu, a little saltwater pond, where black-winged stilts and greater flamingos stay during the winter.