It is located on a fertile plain, divided by the Mannu river into two urban centres. Santadi is a village in Lower Sulcis with three thousand 500 inhabitants and a strong wine-making tradition which has reached international heights thanks to Carignano wine. The cheeses and delicious typical local breads baked in wood-burning ovens are also excellent: civraxiu, su coccoi, bread with Ricotta cheese and gerda (pork fat). The pastries vary according to the festivities: macaroons, gueffus and pardulas. The honey and olive oil are also excellent. The upper part of the village extends around the parish church of San Nicolò, dating back to the 15th century and rebuilt in the nineteenth century. In the centre, you will discover Sulcis customs in the house-museum of Sa Domu Antiga. Also worthy of a visit are the Book Museum and the Doll Museum. The event par excellence, at the beginning of August, is the Matrimonio Mauritano (Mauritanian Wedding), with a ceremony based on ancient rural traditions. Decorated floats pulled by oxen accompany the bride and groom wearing traditional dress, followed by a wedding procession with folk groups from all over the Island. At the end of the ceremony, auspicious rituals are celebrated.