Its double-pitched façade appears just beyond the charming village of Mandas, the main town of Trexenta, a borderland between Campidano and Barbagia. The church of San Giacomo Apostolo, built on the site of a 15th-century building, was constructed in Gothic-Catalan style at the end of the 16th century. According to historic documents, work commenced in 1585 under the guidance of two master stonecutters, Gontinio Pinna and Miguel Baldabella, and was completed in 1605, at which time the parish was consecrated. The double-pitched stone roof characterises the façade, with a cross at the intersection. A round arch incorporates the wooden portal, above which is carved the coat of arms of the Carroz family, who ruled the Duchy of Mandas at the time, the only one established in Sardinia by the Spanish Crown (by Philip III in 1614). There are three windows in the upper part of the façade: a central rose window in line with the portal and two rectangular side windows.