A narrow and curved strip with very fine grains of quartz, almost two kilometres long, separates the turquoise sea from the Sa Salina Manna pond. It is the splendid beach of Putzu Idu, called 'Cala Saline' and sheltered from the northwesterly mistral wind, which extends to the north of the magnificent S'Arena Scoada and extends as far as the beach of Mandriola. The quartz sand is soft and white. The waters offer evocative shades of green and blue that vary according to the light. The seabed is sandy and the waters are shallow for tens of metres.

Putzu Idu is located at the northernmost extremity of the marine area of the Sinis peninsula, just below Capo Mannu, in the territory of San Vero Milis, which is about twenty kilometres away. On the beach, you will have places for dining and refreshments at your disposal, as well as beach equipment rentals and the opportunity to go on trips to the island of Mal di Ventre, located alone in the southeastern area of the promontory. In the tourist centre behind it, all necessary services are available. As in the whole of the Sinis area, there are often waves, making it very attractive to kitesurfing and windsurfing enthusiasts. Behind the beach and the residential area, there is Sa Salina Manna, a pond and the habitat of protected flora and fauna, including the greater flamingo in the springtime.

Going back along the cape, you will come across the beach of Mandriola, that closes the curvature created by the bay of Putzu Idu: It is a small sandy shore with soft, light sand and crystal clear water. Continuing on towards the tower of Capo Mannu, known as Sa Mora (mid-17th century), you will meet another two splendid little coves: Sa Figu and Dei Tedeschi. The first is a small stretch of amber-coloured sand, set in between the rocks and a popular destination with numerous surfers. The other gets its name from a dock that served as a refuelling place for German submarines during the Second World War. Today, it is famous for scuba diving. On the other side of Capo Mannu, don't miss your chance to see Sa Mesa Longa and Su Pallosu, another two gems of the Sinis peninsula.