This is a magical place to visit at least once in your lifetime, an icon of the artistic “vein” of nature that has inspired directors and writers… and which is sure to inspire you too. In the northern part of the picturesque village of S'Archittu, on the Cuglieri coast - an important town in Montiferru and a historic area of the upper Oristano region - is a white cliff surrounding a delightful little beach, where an arch opens up, created by the erosive action of atmospheric agents on the sedimentary limestone rocks, termed as “lunar” thanks to the reflections generated. Originally a grotto, it is today a natural monument - specifically, s'Archittu, perfectly fused within a spectacular environment complemented by three islets shaped like a mushroom, also polished by the persistence of the waves. You can reach the cove directly from the tourist village by walking along paved path north of the houses.