In this exceptional swamp environment within the splendid Sinis Peninsula, you will experience the singular sensation of continuity between land and sea. The Cabras pond, one of Europe’s largest, forms, with the humid areas of Mistras, Pauli ‘e Sali and Sal’e Porcus (which is part of the territory of Putzu Idu), a site of international interest, according to the Ramsar convention. Subdivided in two basins, for a total of 2,200 hectares, the pond touches Cabras and occupies a fifth of its territory, with a particular duck shape when seen from above. The lagoons are the dominant features, identifying this part of the Oristano area and providing its inhabitants with life and trade. This heritage is accurately protected: the 40 kilometres of coast that Cabras overlooks are part of the Sinis Protected Marine Area, where splendid quartz beaches alternate with tall cliffs.