Just outside the medieval town walls, on the edge of the old town centre of Sassari, you can admire one of Sardinia's most spectacular squares. Piazza d’Italia is the heart of the capital of the ‘Costa di Sopra’. In the centre of the square, stands the statue of Victor Emanuel II, created by the sculptor Giuseppe Sartorio. It’s inauguration in the presence of royalty in 1899 was also the occasion on which the first edition of the Cavalcata Sarda (Sardinian parade on horseback) took place. This is a town event (in May), long-awaited throughout the Island, along with Discesa dei Candelieri (Descent of the Candlesticks) on 14 August. The first project was created at the beginning of the 19th century under the more general urban expansion plan. In reality, however, it took shape at the end of the 19th century, just after the Unification of Italy: the levelling work in 1872 regard a square with sides measuring 100 metres.