Like in a romantic painting, the areas around Oliena, a village rich in history, founded during the Roman era at the foot of the limestone massif, Corrasi, are characterized by captivating valleys and mountains, making the territory a natural monument.

For kayak enthusiasts, a visit to the spring of Su Gologone is a must. This spring has been declared a national monument, thanks to its extremely deep blue and green icy waters. Trekkers really should take a trip to Monte Maccione and to the Lanaittu Valley, in which the village of Tiscali is located, along with the caves of Sa Oche, Su Bentu and Corbeddu, which got its name from a bandit who lived and took refuge here for many years in the second half of the nineteenth century. Inside them, the bones of now-extinct animalswere found, as well as human remains dating back to twenty thousand years ago, representing the oldest evidence of homo sapiens in Sardinia.