Its five domus de Janas are secluded, located on the steep slope of a trachyte hill, and can be accessed through hidden entrances: secret passageways branch out from them, into the depths of the rocky elevation, with a total of 18 funeral cells. The pre-Nuragic necropolis of sas Arzolas de Goi, dating back to the Ozieri culture (3200-2800 BC) and in use until the Eneolithic period (2400-1800 BC), is located a few hundred metres from Nughedu Santa Vittoria, a small municipality in the Barigadu region, 50 kilometres from Oristano, that looks out onto the splendid scenery of Lake Omodeo. In the tombs, which are multicellular, with corridor, anterooms, main room and lateral spaces, lateral spaces, there are prehistoric artistic expressions, like effigies carved in the stone depicting the deities invoked by the Neolithic populations.