White, time-worn, gently curving cliffs plunge into an intense blue sea. The beach of Mangiabarche is found on the island of Sant'Antioco, in the territory of Calasetta, not far from the town's three beaches: Le Saline, Sottotorre and Spiaggia Grande.

With only a small amount of sand, and crystal clear sea in the summer, this is a splendid place to dive or fish. In the winter, the waves become majestic. The jewel of Calasetta faces onto a rock, Punta Mangiabarche, topped by a small, solitary lighthouse placed to protect (sometimes unsuccessfully) boats from getting trapped on the semi-submerged rocks, which create a somewhat menacing fascination. In fact, the beach itself is named for its reputation as a danger to sailors and boats.

The reflections of the light on the water and the unusual landscape make it an obligatory stop for visitors to Sulcis all year round: visit the beach for a refreshing summer dip, or enjoy the enchanting panorama in the dark red light of an autumn sunset. During the winter storms at sea, huge, foamy waves explode against the lighthouse, showing off all the unforgettable power of the sea.

Close to the beach you'll find a small car park, bar, restaurant and hotel. Continuing along the western side of the island, you'll come across another pearl of the Calasetta territory: CalaLunga, an emerald green inlet that runs from open sea to a stretch of sand sheltered from the wind and currents of the sea, and surrounded by Mediterranean brush. In the part of the island in the territory of Sant’Antioco, the largest beach is Co’quaddus, while Is Praneddas is an amazing terrace over the sea, two hundred metres high and full of the colours and scents of aromatic plants. On the rocks of Capo Sperone, the southernmost tip of the island and a special wildlife reserve, you can spot the rare Eleonora's falcon and the peregrine falcon.