It is the second largest island of the archipelago, as well as a fully protected area. Caprera is connected to La Maddalena by a 600-metre bridge, built in 1958. In addition to its beauty, the island is famous for being Giuseppe Garibaldi’s last place of residence. The White House preserves his memories: the Hero of the two worlds resided here for 26 years before his death: at 6.21 pm on 2 June 1882, as marked by the clock and the calendar in his room. Everyday objects, goods and relics can be found here, in the Compendio Garibaldino, one of the most frequently visited museums in Italy.

The indented coastline divides Caprera into two zones. The eastern part is barely accessible, as it is shielded by pink granite rocks and is steep and covered with Mediterranean scrub. The uncontaminated eastern side allowed the island to become a nature reserve in 1982 and it was later included in the national park. Inside zone A, under the full protection scheme, fishing is prohibited. This is the case of Cala Coticcio, the ‘Sardinian Tahiti’, which is absolutely worth visiting via a path or by sea, and also of the marine area between Punta Rossa and Isola Pecora (Sheep Island). In the southestern part, you can’t miss Cala Portese or dei Due Mari (Cove of the Two Seas), one of the island’s many jewels: transparent water washes both sides of the cove. Moving beyond, you will find Punta Rossa and, after a stretch on foot, the splendid Spiaggia del Relitto (beach of the Wreckage), characterised not only by fine white sand, but also by the skeleton of an ancient ship on the shore.

To the west, flat expanses and a vast pine forest are dominant. The blue waters of Cala Napoletana are not to be missed and nor is the wild nature of Cala Garibaldi and the expanse of light sand in Cala Serena. Stagnali, a former military village with a small marina for fishermen and boaters, is the area with the most inhabitants. Caprera is also known for the Centro Velico, the oldest sailing school in Italy and the largest in the Mediterranean, the only accommodation for visitors.