The deep inlet of Cala Spalmatore, in the northeastern part of the island of La Maddalena, is well-known, and has been for centuries, to the fishermen who landed in the bay to ‘coat’ their boats with pitch and it is one of the major attractions of an archipelago and national park. A long pier that stands out in the centre of the cove is a reminder of the fishermen’s work. Today, protected from the elements, it is still a privileged and safe mooring place for numerous boats of various sizes.

At the end of the long fjord, reflecting the various colours of the water, there is a small beach - 70 metres long and 25 metres wide - one of the busiest on the island and equipped with all bathing and refreshment services. The sand is grainy with a pinkish tinge and yellow and black streaks, the result of mica and quartz. The sandy seabed slopes gently away from the shore and is suitable for both families and snorkellers. Behind the beach, you will find a small pond, the habitat of a large variety of animal species. The surrounding area is dominated by Mediterranean scrub.