It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful little coves in the Maddalena National Park. The beach of Cala Coticcio is located on the northeastern part of the island of Caprera, the second largest island of the archipelago, in front of the Scoglio Murru. It has fine, almost dazzling white sand and the colours of the crystal clear sea are framed by rose-coloured rock and the shrubs of the Mediterranean scrub.

The beach is a real natural pool, also known as 'Tahiti'. It is environmentally protected and can be reached via sea, in boats with organized trips around the archipelago and also via land, along a partially unpaved trekking trail through the rocks.

This is a tiring walk, requiring gym shoes and a good supply of water, but at the end of the last, rather steep part of it, you will be rewarded by the sight of the iridescent reflections of the sea. You will be able to admire the stunning seascape, with its bright colours and background of impressive rocks, and enjoy relaxing in the peace and quiet it offers you. Then you can delve deep into the nature reserve: an authentic aquarium with numerous species of fish and starfish. It is ideal for snorkelling enthusiasts.

The 'Sardinian Tahiti' is undoubtedly not the only gem along the coast of Caprera. Not far away, you can visit Cala Portese (or Cala dei Due Mari), another source of pride for the island, and the splendid Spiaggia del Relitto(Beach of the Shipwreck), featuring fine white sand and the skeleton of an ancient ship on the shore. To the west, don't miss out on the blue waters of Cala Napoletana, the wild nature of Cala Garibaldi and the stretch of light sand in Cala Serena. After diving into this haven, still in Caprera, a visit to the place in which the Hero of Two Worlds resided during the last 26 years of his life is a must: the Compendio diGiuseppe Garibaldi with its Casa Bianca (White House) is one of the most frequently visited museums in Italy.