To the north, Cala Muro overlooks the Island of Santa Maria, in the commune of La Maddalena. Santa Maria is one of the islands that make up the Archipelago of La Maddalena, located on the Gallura coast: along with the Island of La Maddalena, the only one which has always been inhabited since its foundation in 1770, the other islands are Caprera, reachable across the Bridge of the Passo della Moneta, and Santo Stefano, while Budelli, Razzoli, Spargi and Santa Maria are situated to the north-west. The island of Santa Maria has a coastal perimeter of around 10 km. It is situated to the east of Razzoli and to the north-east of Budelli. It is the flattest of all the islands on the Archipelago, covered with an extremely lush vegetation. Its coast is particularly rugged, lapped by a sea studded with several minor islands. The beach of Cala Muro, made up of pebble and rocks, is framed by a pointed row of light-coloured rocks and by dry-stone walls. Underwater, the extraordinary beauty of the surface of the sea is transformed into an enchanted kingdom. a must to be explored with flippers and snorkels.