This ten-metre-high dune looks like a soft, white mountain. From its left side, the stretch of sand gently slopes into the crystal clear sea with its shades of blue and emerald green. It is the landscape that awaits you on the beach of Monti d'Arena, in the northern part of the island of La Maddalena, enclosed between Punta Abbatoggia and Punta Marginetto, shortly before you reach the tourist village of Punta Cannone.

The name, in fact, comes from the distinctive 'mount' of fine, white sand surrounded by thick Mediterranean scrub. The waters are shallow and the seabed is sandy, with rocks sticking up here and there, made of granite, the true protagonist of the area. Crumbled into small grains and shaped by the northwesterly mistral wind, it forms large deposits of sand that make Monti d'Arena unique.