It is the ideal place for a holiday in the pursuit of nature and culture. Cabras looks out onto about 30 kilometres of coastline, where the marine area of the Sinis peninsula stretches between the bay of Is Arenas and the Gulf of Oristano. The protected area also includes the island of Mal di Ventre and the little islet of Catalano, where the wreckages of ancient ships lie on the seabeds. Opposite, on the Cabras coastline, beaches of fine grains of quartz emerge from the turquoise sea, formed by the action of the wind and water on the limestone rocks in the area: don't miss the three wonders of Is Arutas, Maimoni and Mari Ermi. Their beauty will bewitch you. Other equally beautiful beaches with fine white sand are those of San Giovanni di Sinis. Along the road to Is Arutas, you can give your holiday a different touch, by passing through San Salvatore di Sinis. Its low houses, grouped around a central spring, have caught the attention of film directors: 'Garter Colt' (1968), belonging to the 'Spaghetti Western' subgenre of Western films, was filmed here.