From port to port

Faro di Porto Cervo

From port to port

With its twenty thousand moorings, 130 landing places and two thousand kilometres of coastline, Sardinia is a godsend for boaters
different ports, different oases and marine parks

Thousands of kilometres of coastline designed by a bold but divine hand and, to welcome you ashore, a network of marinas, landings and tourist ports. That's not all... just behind the ports, lies the other Sardinia, where the great soul of the island resides, guarding ancient traditions and thousands of years of culture. It’s a pity to set foot on land without visiting places marked by prehistoric times, with nuraghi, domus de Janas and sacred wells or stopping off at the little villages and hamlets where customs and traditions with an ancient flavour still exist. You can meet the local people, join the local festivals and celebrations and purchase some of the excellent artistic handicrafts and food and wine products, right there where they are produced. Why not eat at one of the numerous tables, from award-winning restaurants offering innovative flavours mixed with tradition, to lunch in a barn, with roast meats, rivers of Cannonau wine and a nice glass of myrtle liqueur at the end of your meal.

Then you can set off again towards another port along ever-changing stretches of coastline, where the marine environment is a magnificent sight. You might also choose to moor in the heart of oases and marine parks with their Caribbean waters, thinking you are on the other side of the world, while you are really in the middle of the Mediterranean, just a stone's throw from home.

It's Gallura... you can never get enough of it

Glamour and 5-star docks await you in Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Poltu Quatu and Porto Rafael, but sailing around the coastlines offers so much more. You can moor your boat where the silence and the vital energy of the beautiful, pristine seas reign supreme, in the tourist ports of the La Maddalena Archipelago Park, at the landings in the protected marine areas of Capo Coda Cavallo and Tavolara and of Capo Testa in Santa Teresa Gallura. This is somewhere to come back to.
Costa Smeralda, Capriccioli
The Emerald Coast
Famous the world over for the emerald blue of its water, for piazzas bustling with life and for quality services, it is the most exclusive resort...

West coast, exclusive No Logo

It is the wildest and most stunning area, a nature reserve by vocation, and it seems as if it has never been touched by man. However, beyond the shoreline, the megalithic monuments dating back thousands of years coexist alongside the charm of mining archaeology. It is worth mooring in Portoscuso, Buggerru and Torre Grande to explore the power of the land of the Giants, among unspoilt sand dunes and ghost villages.
Costa Verde
The silence of the dunes, the sandy deserts and echoed miners’ voices of the abandoned mines: this is the charm of the Costa Verde, Sardinia’s...

What they say about us... it’s the Golfo degli Angeli

An African atmosphere, fragrances in the air and warm water, sunrises and sunsets over the sea for a thousand and one nights, fun in a sailboat and ideal for sailing without too much effort. Everyone feels at home here, on its border at the ports of Teulada and Villasimius, in the marinas close to the seductive beaches of Pula and Chia and in the elegant ones on the coast of Quartu Sant'Elena, as far as the three city ports, in the heart of Cagliari.
From a modern tourist port, a thin white strip extends to the east of the Golfo degli Angeli, a stone’s throw from Cagliari, and fades away between...

I am a Park... call me by my name

It is a park, although no decree states that it is, yet sailing from Arbatax to Siniscola is a tribute to the beauty and authentic soul of the Island. The dreamy nature of these coasts makes them truly special, like a daydream in which words are not enough to describe the charm of the sea of Supramonte di Baunei and Dorgali, the oasis of Biderosa, the beach of Berchida and the dunes of Capo Comino.
Santa Maria Navarrese
Santa Maria Navarrese, a hamlet in the municipality of Baunei, is located on the central eastern coast of the Island, close to enchanting places...

Fatal attraction

Alghero and Castelsardo, two ancient seaside villages with a tourist port outside the walls, a stone’s throw from alleys oozing with art and history, traditional flavours and innovative tastes. Once inside this picture postcard image, you might forget to set sail, but you know that just outside the picture, some sailing along the length and breadth of the Costa Paradiso and the parks of Porto Conte and Asinara awaits you. Letting go of the anchor is no small thing.
Torre della Pelosa - Stintino
A pearl in the Mediterranean, on the northwestern tip of Sardinia, 50 km from Sassari: La Pelosa, its symbolic beach, is one of the most beautiful...