A painting on the altar and the statue in the chapel dedicated to Saint Michael, as well as a third work exhibited at the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art, depict Saint Michael, patron saint of the city, in the act of defeating Satan. One of the most distinctive Christian buildings in Alghero is named after him and is located in the historic centre. The existence of the church is documented from 1364, after which, between 1503 and 1593, it was a pro tempore cathedral, awaiting the completion of Santa Maria. Its current appearance is a 17th century refurbishment: this work began in 1612 and it experienced a turning point when Bishop Bacallar gave the building to the Jesuits to manage, who also established their College there. The architect, Domenico Spontorno - responsible for the Cathedral of Ales and the reconstruction of that of Cagliari - handled the project, creating one of the most significant examples of Baroque style in Sardinia (1675).