The name brings to mind a past that has now vanished, evident in the nearby ruins, while today’s reality shows an arch of light sand, surrounded by sandstone rocks and myrtle and lentisk bushes, in front of a sea with multiple shades of blue. The beach of Lazzaretto is one of the main features of the Alghero coastline, nestled along the Coral Riviera, between the hamlet of Fertilia and the protected area of the Porto Conte Park.

The actual sandy shore of Lazzaretto is just over 300 metres long and is wider in the central area. On the eastern side, you will see rocky outcrops, while in the opposite direction the sand - generally of medium-fine grains - is mixed with a few pebbles. The sides of the beach are particularly suitable for those who want to alternate sunbathing with a little shade from the sun’s rays: the western side in particular is the first area to become shady in the afternoon.