The name Strisaili appeared in a tax register in Pisa as far back as 1316, while Biddanoa de Strisaili appears in a document dated 1504, when Ferdinando d’Aragona turned the towns the Carroz family had been given as fiefdoms into allodio and made them his own. The history of Villanova Strisaili then darkens, perhaps because of the raids and looting that caused part of its inhabitants to move to a new settlement further east, where in 1579 Villa Manna de Strisaili makes it into the records. In 1813 the two villages officially became one and today the town is a suburb of the larger Villagrande Strisaili. It is with this city that, in 2014, it entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the place with the highest percentage of males over the age of 100. It also belongs to the Blue Zone of Ogliastra, one of five regions in the world that have the highest concentrations of people who have eclipsed the century milestone.