It is located in a vast fertile area between Lower Campidano and the valley of Cixerri. Uta is a little city with naturalistic, historical-artistic and archaeological value, populated by eight thousand inhabitants, in urban and demographic expansion. In the old town centre, there are houses from the early twentieth century, built using raw bricks and with a 'courtyard' structure. In mid-December, in the park of Piazza S'Olivariu, the Fair of Territorial Productive Activities takes place. This is a good opportunity to get to know the area's specialities, from Ricotta cheese ravioli and Campidano-style malloreddus to fregola with meat broth and legume minestrone soup, sa panada, roulade of pasta filled with meat and potatoes, roast lamb, suckling pig, mullets and eels, traditional pastries, macaroons and bucconettus made with almond paste, pardulas, with Ricotta cheese, pani de saba breads, piricchittus and pistoccus, as well as wines, like Monica, Nuragus, Vernaccia and Moscato.