It is also known as sa domu ‘e s’orku, ‘the house of the ogre, the monster’, a name common to numerous Nuragic funereal monuments arising from the idea that large, evil monstrous beings dwell there. The majestic and well-preserved is Concias Giants’ tomb is the archaeological symbol of Quartucciu, a town in the hinterland of Cagliari. It sits at an altitude of 350 metres in an area called San Pietro Paradiso, not far from a little country church named after him, along the road that leads to the top of Mont’e Cresia inside the large and beautiful Sette Fratelli Park. The atmosphere around the burial spot exudes something mystical and esoteric, a legacy of the archaic cult of ancestors and prehistoric rites that thousands of years ago Nuragic priests and their followers practiced in the area in front of the exedra, made up of sacred blocks of stone.