A picture postcard sea, a well-equipped and accessible beach, surprising landscapes all around. The beach of Baccu Mandara occupies the eastern edge of the Geremeas coast, in the part of the locality belonging to the Municipality of Maracalagonis. It is a three-kilometre stretch of sand, partially interrupted by the mouth of a torrent that increases its flow and creates a lake a short distance from the shore, especially in winter. The small body of water divides Baccu Mandara from the beach of Marongiu and, at the same time, separates the territory of Mara from that of Quartu sant’Elena. On the opposite side, the limit is a small promontory that closes the beach with a rocky arch.

The sea is crystal clear, reflecting shades of light blue, and the sandy seabed slopes rapidly a few metres from the beach. The sand is light with medium-large grains. Behind it, thick vegetation surrounds the entire beach, on which there are also some small dunes peeping out.