It climbs up Mount Sos Paris, on the eastern slope of Montiferru. Surrounded by holm and cork oak forests and hydrated by beneficial springs, the name of this town derives from s’ena (meaning spring). Seneghe is a farming town of 1,800 inhabitants that has retained its charming city centre and rich archaeological heritage in the heart of a landscape ideal for excursions and rich in olive trees (65 thousand in 200 hectares). The town is known for producing honey and above all, olive oil, which was awarded the Ercole Olivario Prize, the highest national honour, in 1994. The town is a founding member of the City of Oil. Famous initiatives dedicated to olive oil take place here: the Montiferru Prize award ceremony, is held in the 17th century Casa Aragonese at the end of the year, and in late November, Prentzas Apertas, an opportunity to taste local cheeses and sweets along the streets of the city centre as well as in the olive oil mills. Historically, the town’s economy also relies on animal farming and craftsmanship: Bue Rosso meat, casizolu cheese, wood, stone and iron works, musical instruments and traditional clothes are local specialties.