In the heart of the Island, on the plateau of Abbasanta, overlooking the evocative scenery of Lake Omodeo, lies the thousand-year-old village of Sedilo. An agricultural and pastoral municipality in the Guilcer subregion, with over two thousand inhabitants and featuring ancient stone houses, it is in surrounded by elevations covered in holm oaks, oaks, cork oaks and Mediterranean scrub, with itineraries that can be tackled on foot, by bike or on horseback. Close to Lake Omodeo (to be explored in a canoe), poplars and willows thrive and the archaeological park of Iloi is located here. Inside it, there is a trilobed Nuraghe, on which a trapezoidal body is resting, a village and two Tombs of Giants (dating back to the Middle-Late Bronze Age), one with a tomb-like apsidal body, a covered corridor and an exedra with a counter-seat. The Puntanarcu fountain also dates back to the Bronze Age.