Sanluri lies on the Medio Campidano plain, bathed by the Flumini Mannu, with an ancient castle nearby. This town has less than 9,000 inhabitants. Its historic centre is within the medieval walls, whilst the road system fans out beyond the fortifications. In ancient documents, it appears as Sellori, a reference to the richness in grains that has always characterised these lands, it being the shortened version of Logu De Su Lori (wheat territory). The current name is an alteration honouring the former patron saint, San Lorenzo. The ‘true’ history of the village began in the Middle Ages, thanks to the fertility of the territory and its strategic position. From the 1300s, it became a fortified town on the border between the Giudicati of Cagliari and of Arborea. The original village was built around the castle, the only one in Sardinia that is still habitable, being that of Eleonora d’Arborea, although it is uncertain if the ‘Giudicessa’ herself ever stayed there.