Shapes and decorations are intact and form a harmonious combination of various influences and building phases. The church of San Pantaleo, patron of Dolianova, a town situated in the historical territory of Parteolla, to few tens of kilometres from Cagliari, is unique in the Romanesque medieval panorama of Sardinia, constructed between the beginning of the 12th century and 1289, the year of its consecration, as is documented in the epigraphs of the portal and a painting in the apse. It was built in what is now the historical centre of the village, which has always been a place of early Christian worship, as is confirmed by a 5th-6th century baptismal font, kept in the presbytery, and the remains of a 10th century church pertaining to the Early Middle Ages. The temple, a cathedral of the diocese of Dòlia up until its suppression (1503), will strike you not only for its architectural majesty, but also for its sculptures and paintings.