The State forest of Campidano covers an area of 1600 hectares in the territory of four municipalities (Sinnai, Settimo San Pietro, Dolianova and Soleminis), just a few kilometres north of Cagliari, the main reason for the high volume of tourists in the area. The highest peaks are Bruncu Baraccu (655 m) and Bruncu Cirronis (629 m). The historical body of the State forest was acquired by the forest administration around 1900, with the aim of starting the work of reforestation of the area.

Today, after the work carried out over the years, an area of particular interest is the well developed pine forest (Aleppo pines) of Sa Pira, also created with the efforts of the Austrian prisoners of World War I, and a small area of cork oaks planted in 1906 in area known as Is Landireddus. Sa Pira is also the location of the visitors’ centre and the Forest Authority buildings. The fauna includes rather common species, such as the wild rabbit, the Sardinian hare, the partridge and the quail, migratory birds, the fox, and, only in the more dense areas, the Sardinian wild boar.