It guards fascinating mysteries and is probably one of the oldest Christian places of worship in Sardinia, perhaps contemporary with the Basilica of San Saturnino in Cagliari: its original layout could date back to the 5th or even the 4th century AD. The country church of San Lussorio is located in Serriana, on the outskirts of Selargius, a town in the Cagliari hinterland. A site that has always been frequented, as shown by the adjacent archaeological area of su Coddu: when discovering the sanctuary you can combine a visit to a pre-Nuragic village and observe the traces of numerous wells and holes where the support poles of the wooden huts were inserted.

The dating of the ancient heart of the church is not the only source of uncertainty. In fact, the magnificent sarcophagus kept inside it, also used as an altar in the past, led to the belief that this was the place of martyrdom of the saint it is named after. The name sa cresia de is santus, ‘the church of the saints’, already documented in the 17th century, leaves experts with contrasting opinions: some believe that the church was also dedicated to the child martyrs Cesello and Camerino and, in this case, it would be the only religious building dedicated to the three saints. Others, however, believe that the site on which the church stands was the place of martyrdom of numerous converts.