Stronger than time, water and wind. The complex at sa Oche e suBentu, "the voice of the wind", set at the bottom of the majestic Lanaittu Valley, is the epitome of natural grandeur. Between high, vertical walls, ancient yews, maples and junipers, over the millennia Karst phenomena have created a place where the wind blows so strongly on the water that it howls. While you explore, listen for the sound of the air flows created by the water inside.

Sa Oche and su Bentu, which you can reach by a trekking path that passes through the Nuraghic village sa Sedda ‘e sos carros, are some of the largest caves in Europe. The caverns can be kilometres long and include spacious rooms up to 100 metres high, decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, tunnels and floors covered in sharp crystals, in a scenery of crevasses, underground lakes and beaches of quartz sand.