Extending 200 thousand square metres and surrounded by lush cork oak trees flanked by the Mediterranean scrubland of the Gerrei hills, it is one of the most evocative and significant archaeological sites in Sardinia. A few kilometres from the town of Goni, along the provincial road to Cagliari (just half an hour from the capital), is the Pranu Muttedu park, an extensive platform of arenite and schist, on which stands a vast pre-Nuragic monumental complex, ‘divided’ into a number of agglomerations. In the locality of Crancu to the north is the agglomeration of the hut of reference of the necropolis. To the south of the village are the burial grounds of Pranu Mutteddu and Nuraxeddu, exceptionally surrounded by large groups of menhir pairs in alignment or inside the tombs themselves, and from round constructions likely of a sacred nature. Excavated in rocks further south stands the Domus de Janas necropolis of Genna Accas, consisting in three tombs.