A small tourist settlement faces the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park. In Porto Rafael, the predominant colours are the blue of the sea contrasted with the white of the houses within the villages positioned along the extreme northern tip of the Isola, in the territory of Palau, just a few kilometres away, and Porto Cervo, the heart of the Costa Smeralda.

Founded in the 1960s by the Spanish Count Rafael Neville de Berlanga del Duero, the tourist hub is characterised by a quaint piazza overlooking Cala Inglese, also known as the 'Porto Rafael pool', and by the white houses bounded by colourful gardens. It is a popular destination for summer holidays, frequented by personalities from the world of entertainment, yet is also suited to families and lovers of relaxation and a bustling social life. The centre is equipped with all services, whilst also being home to renowned international sailing events during the summer. Not to be missed is 11th August, when a special event is held in the piazza whereby all participants, dressed in a white tunic, dance in honour of the Count who founded the town.

The small marina of Porto Rafael is an ideal point of arrival for small and large boats, as well as for setting out on excursions to the enchanting islands of the archipelago. Just a stone's throw from the village, along the coast of Palau, you will find small beaches of coarse-grained pink sand with small pebbles, all forming authentic natural pools.