Two large rocky headlands, the Delfini and Punta Don Diego enclose the beauties of Cala Trana, a small beach protected by the backdropping sand dunes and a hinterland covered by Mediterranean scrub. It is located along the coastal stretch of Punta Sardegna, within the territory of Palau, in the northernmost part of the Isola, three kilometres northeast of another splendid Palau beach, Porto Pollo. Extending 200 metres in length, Cala Trana is nestled between two enormous granite rock clusters and can be reached by sea or along a dirt track, leading from the road that extends to Costa Serena.

It is characterised by pink sand and a crystal-clear sea. It is very secluded, hence the lack of structured bathing facilities, yet is still an ideal location for those who love tranquillity and diving to explore the particular marine fauna. Thanks to the transparency and clarity of the waters and the cleanliness of the sand, Cala Trana and the entire Palau coast was awarded the coveted recognition of the 3 Vele by Legambiente's Goletta Verde.

A few kilometres away, continuing towards the west, around Punta Don Diego, you can visit the Talmone Artillery Battery, the military headquarters that are still open, having been built to watch over the canal between Spargi and Sardinia. A little further ahead is the Fortino Talmone, constructed during the Second World War.