The main tower and a secondary tower contain a single room, which was once divided into three spaces with wooden garrets supported by recesses, attached thanks to holes made in the walls. Its unusual and rare architectural characteristics has made the Nuraghe Oes even more famous. This monument is located on the northeastern side of Campu Giavesu in the territory of Giave, in the plain of Cabu Abbas, known as the Valley of the Nuraghi – one of the areas in Sardinia with the greatest concentration of Nuraghi – situated 800 metres from the Nuraghe Santu Antine. Dating back to a period between the Bronze Age and the Iron Age (9th-6th century BC), the Oes is a majestic work of Nuragic architecture, built using well-finished basalt rocks. The main building consists of a tower (keep) with three floors and a truncated cone shape that ‘falls’ on all sides with a uniform slope.