It sits isolated on a rocky outcrop of the Meilogu, overlooking the Santa Lucia plains, six kilometres from Bonorva, now populated only by the legends that have made it famous. Rebeccu is a medieval village with a prestigious past. Now all but abandoned, it was once the capital of the curatoria of Costavalle in a strategic spot on the border between the judicatures of Arborea and Torres. A few stone houses, some of which have been restored, a little church and a deconsecrated cemetery make it both unsettling and beautiful, especially when you consider the tales told about it. The most famous one is about king Beccu, the town’s feudal lord, and his daughter, Princess Donoria. Accused of being a witch, she was banned from the village as her house burned down. As she was sent off, tied to a mule, she cast the “curse of the thirty houses,” and, in fact, there would never be more than thirty houses in Rebeccu. Another version has the father issue a curse of his own, one that poisoned several of the water sources near town.