The traditions, know-how, flavours, sounds and fragrances of the Barbagia culture set in a splendid landscape. A combination of nature and ethnography will accompany you on a guided tour - lasting about an hour - inside the s’Abba Frisca museum park, nestled in the Littu valley, a captivating corner of the Dorgali territory, the most extensive in the Nuoro area (226 square kilometres). Surrounded by a dense forest and dominated by the limestone bastions of the Ruiu and Irveri mountains, the northern offshoots of the Supramonte mountain range, the park is four kilometres from the town centre. The same distance separates it from Cala Cartoe and from the village of Cala Gonone, a paradise for outdoor activities - trekking, biking, climbing, kayaking and diving -, with a tourist port where mini-cruises set off for the Grotte del Bue Marino (Sea Oxen Caves), the enchanting Cala Fuili and Cala Luna, as well as the other splendid coves in the southern part of the Gulf of Orosei.