The forest of Monte Olia, is situated in the territory of the municipality of Monti and has an overall surface area of 2236 hectares. This is one of the most interesting naturalistic attractions of the area with views over the nature park populated by numerous species of animals among which rapacious birds, wild boars, roe deer and mouflon. Of definite interest for the visitor is the Belvedere of Sa Turrida from which an exceptionally wide view is had on the whole valley of Olbia, from the island of Tavolara to Monte Limbara, continuing to lake Coghinas. Within the forest some really interesting naturalistic sceneries can be admired. The vegetation is characterised by the presence of large areas of holm oak woods and numerous plants of strawberry tree and heather. In the most recent reforestations, carried out in the last twenty years, besides the different species of conifers, various autochthonous broadleaf, among which holm oak, cork oak and Downey oak, have been planted. Reforestations of just broadleaf in the eastern part of the complex have been carried out in order to cover areas thinned out by fires that have over time affected this territory. These trees are young cork oaks, planted after the passage of the fires. In the locality of Conca Ossas there is an artificial nucleus of Downey oaks. Of great importance is also the presence of the Mediterranean brush that is uniformly distributed throughout the forest.