A dazzling one-kilometre long stretch of gentle, light sandy hills that reach a height of thirty metres. Between one and the other, as you walk towards the shore, you will see blue and turquoise brush strokes: the contrast between white sand and the colours of the sea will leave you breathless! The beach of Le Dune offers a dreamy landscape, with Mediterranean scrub that interrupts the whiteness with touches of fresh vegetation, while rosemary bushes give off their essence. This paradise, also known as Is Arenas Biancas, is the stretch of Porto Pino that is part of the territory of Teulada. Part of the coastline is only accessible in the summer, because it is located in the military firing range. Overall, the beach of Porto Pino is almost four kilometres long: the long northern stretch (about three quarters of the total) of white sand dunes is part of Sant'Anna Arresi.

Close to the Le Dune beach, there is ample parking, which is also suitable for camper vans. On the sandy shore, there are bathing establishments, where you can rent beach equipment, and there are also places for dining and refreshments. A few kilometres away, there are accommodation facilities and restaurants. The water, cool and dominated by the currents, is accessible to all because the seabed slopes gently and it is also ideal for underwater fishing or snorkelling enthusiasts, as well as a destination for surfers throughout the year.

It is an oasis of incomparable beauty that will be one of your most precious memories: intense sunsets, the surrounding territory acting as a natural frame and long walks. In particular, behind the beach, where the pond of Is Brebeis is located, there is the summer home of numerous migratory birds: the greater flamingo, the kingfisher and the egret. The lagoon area then extends to the north with the ponds of Maestrale, Porto Pino, Il Corvo and Foxi.

Le Dune is one of the 'pearls' of Teulada, which can boast other dreamy beaches along its coast. Moving south, you will encounter, in order of appearance, Porto Zafferano, also part of the military area and only accessible via sea, in July and August, a beautiful and secluded place, the enchanting Porto Tramatzu, with its dazzling colours and shallow waters and, lastly, Tuerredda, simply a corner of the Caribbean in Sardinia, the symbolic beach of the Island.