The island of Foradada, meaning ‘pierced’, is crossed from one side to the other by a natural tunnel, 100 metres long and entirely above sea level, giving the island its name. The waves often crash onto the entrance to the cave, which is part of the marine area of Capo Caccia - Isola Piana, and it is the habitat of pigeons, gulls and great cormorants, which is why it is known as Grotta dei Palombi (Cave of the Pigeons).

It can only be visited via sea and you can do this in small and mediums sized boats, departing from the port of Alghero, operating boat trips that will also to you to Neptune's Grotto. You can enter from the west and follow a charming and captivating itinerary, made of impervious passages and sightings of rare species: yellow-legged gulls, shearwaters, ravens and above all the griffon vulture, which nests between the rocks at Punta Cristallo and, in the territory of Bosa, at Capo Marargiu.