Along the Codrongianos valley in a predominantly hilly area, Florinas is a town of 1,500 inhabitants, situated between Logudoro and Sassari area. The etymology of the appellative is linked to the Latin Figulinas, the name of the mountain by which it is shielded and the toponym that referred to the presence of a town specialised in the processing of ceramics. The Figulinas Festival is the most important cultural event in the country, an evocative and important international folklore festival that, each August, unites folk groups from all over the world.

Florinas has always been a crossroads between north and south of the island, as is confirmed by the discovery of terracotta from the classical age. The territory is a veritable archaeological park full of remnants that attest to its frequentation starting from the pre-Nuragic and Nuragic periods, with around ten Domus de Janas, about thirty Nuraghe structures and a Tomb of Giant’s. To these, the Roman necropolis from the late imperial age is added.