It owes much of its fame to the scenic basilica of the Santissima Trinità di Saccargia. Codrongianos rises on the hills of Logudoro, 300 metres above sea level, with some 1,300 inhabitants. The remains of some 60 nuraghe provide proof that the area was well populated already in the 2nd millennium BC, the Bronze Age. The Nieddu nuraghe is the best preserved example. A single, eleven metre high tower with a tholos (false dome), the building sits on a small plain and was built with blocks of dark basalt (nieddu) which, together with the yellow lichen define its colour.

The origins of the modern-day village date to the Roman era (III century BC). To keep watch over the Karalis (Cagliari) – Turris Libisonis (Porto Torres) road they built the castrum Gordianus, named after the emperor.