The name Collinas (collina is Italian for hill) is a clear reference to the gently rolling hills that surround it. It was given this name in 1863 by the mayor and town’s most noted personage, the legal expert, philosopher and member of parliament, Giovanni Battista Tuveri. His name graces the town museum, a former granary. The town’s previous name was Forru, but this created problems for the postmen, as a nearby town bore the name Villanovaforru. The town is renowned for its many artisanal nativity scenes during the Christmas season, for which a competition is held every year.

Collinas boasts some 900 inhabitants and lies nestled in Marmilla, a region blessed with oak woods and fields of grain, vineyards and archaeological remains from pre-Nuragic times. The area also boasts remains of Nuragic era complexes like the Concali nuraghe, the Genn’e Maria and the Giant’s tomb Sedda sa Caudeba. The remains of a thermal baths, on the other hand, was left by the Romans.