A strip of granite land, covered by Mediterranean vegetation, stretches to the sea, looking out towards the southern part of the Costa Smeralda. Its name, Capriccioli, means 'young goats' in the language of Gallura, or a pair of massive, rounded rocks, smoothed by the sea, forming various little coves and located south of Porto Cervo, in the territory of Arzachena, about 15 kilometres from the residential area.

The little beaches of Capriccioli all have fine, light sand with greyish tinges, washed by the deep blue sea and protected by yellow, pink and reddish granite rocks and surrounded by dense Mediterranean scrub: junipers, mastics, wild olive trees and maritime pines, which contribute to the wild charm of the location. The eastern shore features shallow waters and sandy seabeds and is sheltered from the northwesterly mistral wind: it is an ideal place for families with children. Separated by pink granite blocks, the other side of the Capriccioli coastline stretches to the west, consisting of two beaches. The first is also known as the beach of 'Il Pirata' (The Pirate). Here, a small wooden pier makes docking possible: in fact, you can rent dinghies, canoes and pedalos. A little further on, on the extreme tip of the peninsula, there is the second beach, also known as the beach 'Delle Tartarughe' (Turtles): a natural oasis frequented by turtles during the period in which they lay their eggs, protected by an untouched series of dunes and a small juniper thicket.

Capriccioli is equipped with every necessary service and is undoubtedly one of the most famous coves on the Costa Smeralda: using your camera or smartphone, you can take captivating photos of the coast and the landscape, which is enhanced by the nearby islands of Soffi and Camere, both granitic and with wonderful unspoilt scenery. In front of the beach, there is also the islet of Mortorio, a little natural oasis that you can get to in a small boat, departing from the little pier on the right-hand side of the cove.