Founded in 1337 at the foot of a Medieval castle built two centuries earlier, on the initiative of Giudice Marianus IV of Arborea, who sent 24 families there, possibly from Villanove Monteleone, to set up a colony. Burgos sits at an elevation of 600 metres, in the centre of the Goceano historical territory, and has less than one thousand residents. The town, which is situated on a steep slope, is divided into two sections: a more recent section and a typically Medieval one, perched in close proximity to the fortress, with narrow streets and houses with sloped roofs. Local traditions of note include tiliccas, cozzulas and copulettas, sweets prepared for the Fires of Sant’Antonio Abate Festival in mid-January. The town is surrounded by an enchanting landscape added to by the forests of Badde Salighes and Burgos (extending into part of Bono’s territory). The area is populated by donkeys, both Sardinian and Asinara, Sardinian Anglo-Arabic horses and Sardinian ponies, called Giarab, a cross between the Giara horse and Arabian stallions.